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Trailer Bride

With the Lilys and Mike Uva Hook Boy. Saturday, October 11, at the Beachland Ballroom.


Trailer Bride
  • Trailer Bride
Yes, it was primarily in the South that Beatles albums were smashed, buried, and burned in effigy back in 1966, but don't think the states of the old Confederacy can't rock with the best of them. Take Trailer Bride, for instance. The band calls Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home, yet it would hardly sound out of place on the Lower East Side or Sunset Strip. Though frequently lumped with insurgent country acts, these guys and gal don't have a country bone in their bony bodies. This is low-budget rock and roll at its minimalist best -- and we're not talking about Allman Brothers wannabes. Melissa Swingle's straightforward guitar playing and flat, punkish vocals pull this Trailer, with lyrics that nod to the bleaker side of Southern life.

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