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Trapped in the Closet

Drag queen helps hidden homos come out by starring in trannie porn.



Chelsea Delray's found a curious sideline to supplement her income as a full-time drag queen. Twice a year, for $1,000 a scene, the former Miss Gay Michigan sheds her glittery gowns to star in transsexual porn as Jane Bond. "Men find trannies attractive, because they're a stepping stone into the gay world," claims the 35-year-old Delray. "It's easier to be with a man that looks like a woman right off the bat than to jump into bed with a hairy man. And trust me, they always end up gay."

And they often can be spotted at Delray's performances. When she's not starring in flicks like Bi-Kinky and Chicks With Dicks Behind Bars, Delray regularly performs Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, and Madonna impersonations throughout the country. She's even been part of a small-scale tour of La Cage aux Folles. But she laments the "amateurs" who think dressing in drag is as simple as slipping on an ill-fitting wig and thrift-store throwaway. "I think people would enjoy seeing a man in a mustache, makeup, and hideous clothing being funny," she says, "rather than someone taping their boobs and pretending to be a woman."
Sun., Jan. 29, 12 & 1 a.m.


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