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Stupid Generation (


Trendy has everything it takes to break out of Cleveland, land a prime spot on the Warped Tour, and go on to popular acclaim, critical derision, and the big sales that ensue when all the right people hate a band for all the right reasons. All three members are photogenic. They're backed by professional handlers. And they play infectious pop-punk that's every bit as polished as early Green Day and Blink-182. If they keep going in this direction, they'll be Cleveland's next major export.

Trendy's second album is preemptively titled Stupid Generation, and it's stupid-fun. The sterling production is a tight mix of chunky riffing and bubbly rhythm-section interplay. The lyrics have all the hallmarks of smartass juvenile anthems: godawful puns, vague indignation, and horn-dog obsessions. The insidious chorus of "S&M" will either make you snicker or gag. And that's what great punk does.

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