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We Hate You and Hope You Die (This Dark Reign Recordings)


The disc is titled We Hate You and Hope You Die, and Ultralord pulverizes eardrums like it means it, deploying an arsenal of furious stoner riffs and lyrics like "I wouldn't piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire." With players from Fistula, King Travolta, and numerous other Akron-Cleveland death-and-gloom bands, what could be a disposable project becomes a Northeast Ohio sludge-metal all-star session, alternating between stoner metal and doom without compromising an ounce of heaviness.

Guitarists Scott Stearns (ex-Diehard) and Andy Strickland (ex-Rue) concoct hypnotic and powerful riffs on tracks like "Roach Detector" and "Black Maggot," and brilliantly punctuate them with abrasive feedback and leads. Far more vicious than your average stoner group, the band plays a thunderous soundtrack to lyrics that are wishlists of violence against enemies, delivered in Drano-gargling screams. Acid-tinged freakout "Negative D " gallops into thrash, sounding like High on Fire rewinding and Sunn O))) on fast-forward. We Hate You and Hope You Die is heavy enough to kill you, but you'll die smiling.

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