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Crydamoure Presents "Waves" (Astralwerks)


Paris house label Crydamoure is run by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, when he's not busy making discoveries with his main group, Daft Punk. As you'd probably and rightfully expect, Crydamoure Presents "Waves" -- a 25-track mixed compilation of label highlights -- isn't as thrilling as Daft Punk: There's a reason this is seen by the world at large as a side project instead of Christo's main gig. But as a playground for Christo and friends' mischievous side (particularly fellow Parisian Eric "Rico" Chedeville, who records as Deelat and collaborates with Guy-Manuel as Le Knight Club), the filtered strings and hi-NRG keyboards of this intergalactic disco intoxicate anyway.

A goofball sense of humor pervades the mix, from titles like the Buffalo Bunch's "T.I.T.T.S" to the ridiculously Fraaanch-sounding shouts of "Shaaaake that booty!" on Deelat's "Wet Indiez." Daft Punk's untainted love for disco cheese at its runniest is present on the beer-commercial guitar of Le Knight Club's "Mirage." But even they never went as far as the Eternals' cartoonish "Wrath of Zeus," the disc's giddy peak, which sentences wrongdoers to an eternity on hell's own dance floor. "Do not expect any mercy from me!" shouts the Greek god over melodramatically cross-cutting strings. Of course we won't.

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