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Clepunk.comp Volume One (Smog Veil)


When Pride of Ohio frontman Nick Wolf bellows, "We might be scum of the earth, but we're still the pride of Ohio," early on this gritty, great comp, he could be speaking for just about any of the two dozen bruisers that compose the disc. Put out by the folks at -- the best place to learn new euphemisms for the male sex organ and chat with dudes named Phlegm -- this punk-rock primer is as essential to hard-livin' fans of Cleveland's underground as Excedrin is. There are many highlights -- especially Allergic to Whores' breakneck beatdown "Breath of Life" and a pair of cuts from Kent's Ritalin-deficient Dexter Chumley Attack, who sound like a seizure set to wax. Elsewhere, Phestur rocks like a Midwestern Mudhoney; the Brazen Rogues drop drunk Cro-Magnon punk so old-school and devolved, it's a wonder these dudes can walk upright; Saucebox impresses with a frontman who's like a less verbose, more violent Greg Graffin; and Kirkendahl Voyd ends things with restroom-ripper "Dropping the Log," a song that intermingles funky slap bass with even funkier farts. Get this disc and have a gas.

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