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Split (SNSE)


Wolf Eyes has more side projects than my ass has pimples. So forgive me: When first I saw this split LP, I thought, "Oh great, Nate Young on a record with just some dudes." But "just some dudes" they ain't.

Demons consists of Young and Steve Kenney, an old friend who served time in the early '90s outfit Isis & Werewolves (along with Aaron Dilloway and Andrew W.K.). Demons specializes in old-school synthesizer soundscapes à la Neu! and Kraftwerk. On the side-long track "Live Enemy," the band's synths writhe with juicy half-bloops and gnarled spasms. That's because Demons intentionally plays broken equipment, and broken sounds is exactly what the duo produces.

The other side features Chicago experimental freak Blake Edwards (aka Vertonen), head of C.I.P. records. Compared to Demons, Vertonen's track "Grew Up in a Drought" is slightly more by-the-book. But the dude still spits out a fine rumble, especially toward the beginning, when he's revving the engine for a big fat haul. The cut eventually mutates into a buzzing guitar drone and slips into a mellow ending.

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