VivaSlim is a liquid supplement that assists in weight loss with the help of natural ingredients. According to the official website, this formula consists of herbal extracts, amino acids, and vitamins obtained from premium quality resources. These ingredients help suppress the appetite and decrease cholesterol levels. Also, they increase metabolic activity to trigger the fat-burning process.

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Losing excess weight is a struggle for most people because they are unaware of the causes of obesity. You may start to accumulate extra fat due to age, a health condition, slow metabolism, or a hormonal imbalance. In these cases, eating healthy and working out alone does not do the job as you may need to target the root cause of weight gain. 

Fortunately, advancements in science enabled researchers to find natural ingredients that boost the metabolism and assist in rapid fat burn. The VivaSlim supplement is full of amino acids and plants extracts that melt the excess fat and control cholesterol levels to keep you fit and healthy. Now, the question arises if this supplement is legit or is it a scam?

Let's find out the answer in this VivaSlim review. 

VivaSlim Review

Why do some people lose weight faster than others? Have you ever compared your results to any other person thinking the other person is lucky to lose weight in lesser time while you are still struggling with it? 

Weight gain is a lot more than just eating more and living a sedentary life. It is determined by a lot of factors, including genetics, environmental influences, hormonal health, aging, stress, sleeping cycle, and others. The changes to any of these could lead to an explained weight gain, which can never be lost without addressing the main issue first. So following a trending weight loss diet is sometimes the least effective thing for you, despite helping all other people. Alternatively, you can try something that addresses these hidden metabolic issues, and fix them, so that the body can lose weight on its own. 

VivaSlim is a dietary blend created to help all these people who fail to lose weight otherwise. It is made of herbal ingredients with no risks or side effects to offer. Therefore, you can use it for as long as you want, without worrying about the undesirable effects. 

What Is VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form. It is a natural blend that helps melt away the fat from the cells so you can achieve a healthy and lean body. This supplement targets the cause behind fat accumulation and rectifies the problem from the core. It consists of different botanical extracts known for their weight loss benefits. Also, it comes with vitamins and minerals to maintain the nutrient content in the body. 

The Simple Promise VivaSlim supplement is available in a liquid form so that you can take it on the go. This supplement comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to avoid any spills. According to the makers, you can take ten drops of this supplement dissolved in a glass of water every day to activate the fat-burning process. As soon as you take the drops, the metabolism activates and starts melting away your fats. Also, it helps you feel energized all day long. 

How Does the VivaSlim Supplement Work?

VivaSlim supplement targets the slow metabolism of the body to initiate the fat-burning process. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and suppresses the appetite to assist in weight loss. Also, it consists of ingredients that boost immunity and fulfill the nutritional deficiencies of the body. 

The mechanism of action of this supplement involves releasing the fat molecules out of the cells. As a result, the fat accumulation in the belly starts decreasing, and you achieve lean body mass. In addition, this supplement stimulates the release of adiponectin to trigger the fat-burning process. 

VivaSlim Ingredients List

VivaSlim supplement is full of nutritious ingredients obtained from high-quality resources. It consists of plant extracts, amino acids, and vitamins that assist in weight loss. The brief detail of these ingredients is as follows.

  • African Mango Extract

This ingredient has a plethora of benefits for overall health. African Mango Extract assists in weight loss and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Also, it helps increase insulin production and maintain blood glucose levels. 

  • L-Carnitine

The main benefits of L-carnitine include weight loss and better cognitive function. This amino acid also helps in energy production and stimulates the fat-burning process. 

  • L-Ornithine

This ingredient helps burn excess fat to achieve a lean body. Apart from its weight loss benefits, this supplement also improves the quality of sleep. 

  • L-Arginine

This amino acid targets the fat accumulated in the belly area and helps melt it away. Generally, this ingredient is a part of weight loss supplements that help in burning excess fat.

  • L-Glutamine

It helps maintain the levels of insulin and reduce weight. It is also beneficial for a healthy digestive system and efficient immune response. 

  • Beta-Alanine

This ingredient has a high nutrient content useful for building a lean body mass. It also elevates the energy levels to keep you fresh all day long. 

  • Astragalus

This medicinal plant is a component of several ancient Chinese medicines because of its health benefits. It helps soothe inflammation in the body and increases immunity against harmful agents. In addition, it helps slow down the aging process.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

It helps elevate the natural defense ability of the body in stress conditions. This ingredient is also beneficial for decreasing anxiety and depression. In addition, it helps relax the body and reduce tiredness.

  • Maca

This botanical ingredient increases the metabolism of cholesterol and glucose. Also, it is beneficial for improving mental focus and boosting energy levels. 

  • Niacin

This vitamin reduces inflammation in the body and improves the immune response. It also helps lower cholesterol levels and enhances cognition.

  • Pygeum Africanum

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient are beneficial for overall health. It helps flush the toxins out of the body and improves immunity. 

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How Long Does It Take to See Results Using VivaSlim Supplement?

According to most customer reviews, you can see significant results from the few weeks of using this supplement. But, the results may vary from person to person as everyone has a different weight and metabolic activity. Therefore, it is advisable to use this supplement for at least 4-6 months to see complete results. 

Even though this supplement can work well on its own, you can boost its performance with a healthy diet and regular exercise. These measures can help boost the metabolism even more and increase the efficacy of the supplement. It is also recommended to continue using this supplement even after you achieve your target weight. In this way, you can flaunt a slim and lean body, and it will not bounce back to its original weight. 

Benefits of Using VivaSlim

VivaSlim triggers weight loss, even from the most stubborn areas such as thighs, arms, belly, and waist. The spot reduction is not possible even with diet and exercise, and weight loss with this supplement is also for the whole body. However, the best part of it is that you do not have to follow a special diet or spend hours doing workouts. 

Here is what else you will get from VivaSlim ingredients. 

  • It increases metabolic rate to a level that the body starts digesting everything you eat.
  • It removes stubborn fat from the body that is missed by diet and exercise
  • It reduces cravings and gives better dietary control over the body
  • It prevents the accumulation of fat and forming new fat layers
  • It elevates energy levels and saves from lethargic feeling whole losing weight
  • It regulates healthy blood sugar levels and cuts down the risk of diabetes
  • It maintains blood pressure and reduces the chances of hypertension and hypotension
  • It manages stress-related issues, i.e., anxiety, depression, and others
  • It controls the sleeping cycle and allows the body to sleep well and wake up fresh
  • It helps to get a flat stomach in less time

All these results may show up together or gradually, one after another. But there is no way you will get immediate results overnight. The natural ingredients take some time to create a difference in health, and the same is the case with VivaSlim drops. The company recommends using them for a few weeks to expect these results. Without the regularity of usage or missing the dosage, it may take a longer time to act. The results may also not be very profound when you take it off and on. Once the weight loss starts and you reach your target weight, you can use it for maintaining the results too. 

Where to Buy VivaSlim? Price and Discounts

The VivaSlim supplement is available to purchase on the official website. According to the seller, the company does not supply this supplement to any online marketplace or physical store. It is to make sure that the customers only buy the original product and avoid fake products. 

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This product is available in the form of drops that you can take every day. One bottle of VivaSlim lasts for about a month and costs $49. However, you can get it at a cheaper price if you order this supplement in bulk. 

The discounted price of every package offered by the company is as follows. 

Most Popular Package

Three bottles of VivaSlim for $39 per bottle

Best Seller Package

Six bottles of VivaSlim for $31 per bottle

You can buy a single bottle to try the supplement for the first time or opt for the bulk package and get it at a steal price. Either way, you will not lose any money as the company offers an iron-clad refund policy. According to the official website, this supplement comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. This means that you can try this supplement for a whole year before making up your mind. So, in case you do not feel happy with the result, simply contact customer support and request a refund. 

Information About The Manufacturer Of VivaSlim

VivaSlim is manufactured by a company named Simple Promise. There is no much information available on it, but the complete address of the company and contact information is provided. So it appears to be an original manufacturer and not a fake name. 

The company explains its product has been verified through a number of tests for quality and safety. The ingredients inside the formula are proven through independent scientific researches, and there is no reason they will not help the body with weight loss. 

Simple Promise also shares that all manufacturing takes place under a GMP-certified facility in the US and follows a strict zero contaminant policy. The product is also free from adulterations, and the third-party testing certificates ensure it is true to its information. 

Address: 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1051 Camas, WA 98607

Phone: 1-800-259-9522

VivaSlim is currently in stock and available for national and international deliveries. 

Is VivaSlim Legit?

VivaSlim formula uses an actual scientific mechanism to address the obesity issue, that is, by helping the body with metabolic rate. There is proven research showing how metabolic rate determines a person's weight, and any changes can significantly affect this process. If there is something that could speed up metabolic rate, there are good reasons it will help the body with weight loss. 

Some Viva Slim ingredients work to clear the body from toxins, which is another reason the metabolic rate declines. With detoxification, the metabolism comes back to normal; the body gains lean mass and stops gathering fat layers, leading to a leaner and slimmer body. Other ingredients work on suppressing appetite, regulating blood pressure, sugar and protect the heart.

The company has provided complete information on ingredients, and these ingredients have proven benefits to offer. The information on manufacturing is there, address of the company and customer support line details are provided too. The dosage guidelines are clear, and basically, this product contains all the necessary information that helps build trust. Therefore, there are many reasons to believe it is a good investment in health and not a random product you will see online. 

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Pros and Cons of Using VivaSlim Supplement

VivaSlim supplement comes with numerous advantages and some disadvantages. Fortunately, the pros overcome the cons as described below. 


  • VivaSlim consists of natural ingredients that are safe to use.
  • This supplement helps burn the stubborn fat in the body.
  • As this supplement burns the excess fat, the body starts to appear leaner and slimmer.
  • It reduces hunger pangs and cravings and prevents the storage of fats in different parts of the body.
  • VivaSlim boosts the metabolism and keeps you energized all day long.
  • This supplement enhances cognitive function and improves mood.
  • The ingredients in this supplement help relieve anxiety and depression. Also, they reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness.
  • You do not have to do strict diets or extensive workouts for this supplement to work. However, a healthy diet and regular physical activity can assist in the fat melting process.
  • VivaSlim comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee for all customers.


  • This supplement is only available on the official website,
  • It is not recommended for those taking medicines, pregnant women, and those below 18 years of age.

VivaSlim Side Effects

VivaSlim is a natural supplement free of any harmful chemicals and toxins. Since the ingredients of this supplement do not pose any health risk, it is safe to use for both men and women. However, some individuals may need medical advice before incorporating this supplement into their diet. 

  • People taking medicines or living with chronic health conditions should talk to their doctor before taking this supplement.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this supplement without medical advice.
  • This supplement is not suitable for children and below 18 years of age.

If you are not sure about using a dietary supplement for weight loss, the best is to talk to a healthcare professional and be clear on its usage. There is no need to use one if you do not need it. The usage of unnecessary products, especially when you do not need them, may pose some serious health risks that are avoidable in the first place. People with metabolic disorders may experience weight gain, but their weight goes back to normal once their primary issue is fixed. Never use a weight loss product when you have underlying health issues especially related to gut health. Talk to a doctor for more information and details on supplement safety. 

VivaSlim Reviews- Final Thoughts

VivaSlim is a weight loss supplement consisting of organic extracts and amino acids. The blend of these premium quality ingredients assists in weight loss by boosting metabolism. Also, they help control cholesterol levels to improve overall health. 

Since this supplement comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, there is no harm in trying it for weight loss. According to the official website, every customer can use this supplement for at least one year before giving their final verdict. Hence, it is a safe investment for your health and the overall lifestyle. 

For more information, visit the official VivaSlim website,

VivaSlim Review: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

People who have never tried a dietary supplement before having many questions about these products, and it is normal to have concerns before trying something for the first time. Here are some quick questions and their answers on VivaSlim, that may concern a first-timer. Read them till the end before deciding on this supplement. 

Can you use VivaSlim with diet pills?

Viva Slim is a weight loss supplement that comes in liquid form. It addresses a slow metabolism and helps the body with losing and managing weight. If you pay attention, it is the same thing that any effective diet pill will do for you; diet pills and Viva slim are the same product. So you do not have to use diet pills when you are already clear on using these drops. If you want faster weight loss, combine it with a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercise. 

How to use VivaSlim?

VivaSlim comes in a liquid form and can be consumed orally. According to the official website, you can use up to ten drops at one time, and the best way to use this supplement is by mixing these drops in water. You may also add them to any beverage of your choice, but not with alcohol or a caffeinated drink. Do not take this supplement into any herbal mix, tea, or blend, and avoid co-using with medicines. 

What if you do not like Viva Slim?

VivaSlim is a herbal dietary blend and not a magical solution for obesity with overnight benefits. It may not work for some people, but it does not mean the company wants to give them a loss. All orders of VivaSlim are protected with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can contact the customer support team and ask for a refund if you do not see it working for you. There are no questions asked, and the refund takes only a few days. 

What makes VivaSlim better than other weight loss products?

The supplement industry is huge, and there are thousands of weight loss products available in all forms. But the problem with all these options is that one can quickly get confused in all this variety and may also select a product that is not suitable or effective. Some products require a high commitment to show results, while others are fake, with nothing to offer. VivaSlim is better than most of these products, as it comes from a reputed company, uses high-quality ingredients, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, it is easier to use than diet pills and powders, and the natural ingredients provide no side effects. 

Can you get VivaSlim from Amazon?

The company strictly emphasizes buying from the official website only. Even if you see this product available at Amazon or other online or local sellers, it is better not to prefer any source over the original manufacturing company. Because of the high demand and popularity, many shady companies try to take advantage of VivaSlim and use a similar or make a counterfeit product and sell it to deceive the customers. The original product can only be purchased through the official website and no other place. 

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