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With Black Cat Music and the Evening, Saturday, June 19, at Pirate's Cove.


While former Sub Pop labelmates Hot Hot Heat went on to enjoy hot, hot success, the hardworking quintet Vue continued its sweat-soaked mission to rock small venues. Then again, maybe they have other reasons for keeping things intimate. "We want to move our pelvises around enough so that girls will notice our packages," offers bassist Jeremy Bringetto.

Vue's whiskey-gut guitar mojo was certainly noticed by RCA, when the label snatched up the band for its Babies Are for Petting EP. After the 2003 full-length release Down for Whatever, RCA decided that Vue isn't for petting and subsequently dropped the band. Sadly, there are reports that things just haven't been the same since. "Rex doesn't leave the house . . . and won't shave for weeks," Bringhetto says of the band's lead singer. Of course, girls still love the unshaven look.

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