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Wasted Away

Party pays tribute to Margaritaville -- now with wine!


Grand River Cellars’ Winey Margarita bash turns the tiny town of Madison into a tropical paradise tonight. It’s the first event in a summer-long series of booze-centered programs. Tonight’s al fresco outing serves up plenty of the venue’s signature margarita, which eschews the usual tequila in favor of vino. “It’s all about fun and creativity,” says spokeswoman Cindy Lindberg. “We appeal to people with different tastes.” Island attire is encouraged at the shindig. In fact, the person sporting the best I-know-all-the-words-to-“Cheeseburger-in-Paradise” outfit snags a cash prize. Parrothead tunes provide the soundtrack. “With the weather finally getting better,” says Lindberg, “people should take advantage of having a good time outdoors.”
Fri., June 15, 6:30 p.m.

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