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Readers sound off on atheism, Bill Mason, and more


The Executive's Counsel

I was part of a study group at Cleveland State University that initially recommended that the county have a law director appointed by the county executive ["A Turf War Looming?" December 29, 2010]. The rationale was that the executive would need sound legal advice separate from the prosecutor. The prosecutor's ability to obstruct the duties of the county executive and county council were obvious to us, especially in light of the chicanery of the time. Bill Mason — who, ironically, is the one county official most responsible for the reform charter — pushed back and got his way.

I am skeptical of Ed FitzGerald, but he is right to push for a law director answerable to him.

John Brennan

Remember Your Friends

Bill Mason's office has been at best sloppy in its duty to the people and at worst complicit. All the corruption in county government and no investigations of the prime suspects?

It's good, for the privileged few, to have friends. In other words, if you're a top county Dem or a union honcho, you're probably gonna get a pass as long as 1) no one was killed as result of whatever you did, and 2) you remember at election time who kept your a$$ out of jail.

For the rest of us, evidence be damned. The only thing that matters is the conviction rate. That's justice in our county. Love it or leave it.


Everyday Atheists

"Atheists in Cleveland: A Christmas Story" [December 22, 2010] was very well written. I especially like the fact that you portray us atheists to be just normal humans with normal human impulses and feelings, minus the trappings of religion and religious belief.


Godlessness Confirmed

As a former Catholic, my journey has taken me through many texts and traveling experiences that confirmed my atheism. Yes, science contradicts religion, which bases its dogma on superstitious interpretations of events they don't understand.


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