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Readers sounds off on John Kasich and more


Bad Taste

All lists are designed to piss people off, so here's what bugs me about yours ["The 25 Restaurants Cleveland Can't Live Without," February 16, 2011].

Dante? Sorry. A johnny-come-lately, low on atmosphere, average food, and way expensive. Ouch!

What did you miss? How bout Pier W? Far and away the most glamorous and out-of-this-industrial-world experience you can have in this city. Try sitting at the window at sunset when the lake's frozen over as you're sipping your Cosmo. Mind-blowing.

And how could you possibly leave out Cleveland's greatest and most racially diverse super greasy spoon, Big Al's on Larchmere? For shame!

George Bilgere

Remember Valerio

Let us not forget that over the slow decade of success for Cleveland restaurants, there was one that stood successful and consistent even five years before, and still stands as a staple in the restaurant collective of Cleveland. Valerio's Ristorante is what inspired the traditional Italian cuisine in Little Italy, and the simple, local, seasonal, fresh cooking that is all the rage and news with our Cleveland foodies and new spots on your list now. He did it not for sales, or for fame, or to follow the pack. He does it simply for the love of good food, and for the people who thoroughly enjoy his company and his fantastic cooking.


No Yielding to Idiocy

The governor is the idiot ["Governor Kasich Launches Anti-Idiot Initiative," at the Scene & Heard blog]! Screw him! Maybe he should do a little research on how many law enforcement officers are killed by people who fail to yield to their lights. When a politician can't even respect the law, how do they expect the ordinary citizen to respect the police?


One-Term Wondering

I'm so embarrassed to be a citizen of a state that would elect a turd like John Kasich. These wealthy Republican governors are determined to wipe out the middle class. He'll find out who the idiot is when he gets turned out after just one term.


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