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Readers sound off on food trucks and why they love Cleveland


Clueless in Cleveland

I am a professional who has lived in Cleveland my entire life ["Young People Love Cleveland's Grit and Funk, or Something," April 13, 2011]. I know about the connectivity we have here.

As people come in from out of town, I show them the best we have to offer and the countless fabulous restaurants. I'm telling you, people who visit Cleveland can't understand why people from here are so negative about our great city. Visitors love this city.

It's a little embarrassing to know, for a fact, that people from Cleveland are clueless about their own city. They have no idea where to go or where to take visitors. My job is to continually educate and motivate others to enjoy what we have in our own backyard — I love Cleveland!!!!


The City That Needs You

In addition to "grit" and "funk," I think part of the appeal is the ability to make a difference in a city like Cleveland. Places like Chicago and New York are great cities, but they don't need you the same way Cleveland does. And there is something very appealing about being needed and valued.


Stay for the Food

If the Cleveland food scene had been so eclectic and of such high quality back in the day, I might never have moved away [Best of Cleveland, March 30, 2011]. I'm still rooting for the Cleveland sports teams, and I'm proud to have been born, raised, and educated in C-town.


Food Truck Grease

Nobody kills potential greatness like Cleveland politicians ["Cleveland: The Anti-Food Truck City," at the Scene & Heard blog]. I bet if Russo and Dimora had their smelly fingers in the truck owners' pockets, we'd have 1,000 food trucks in Cleveland by now. And to the worried restaurants: If a food truck steals business from your place, you should either improve your own business or shut it down for being so lame. A little competition would improve lots of businesses in this town.

Da Mailman

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