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Rebirth of a Chef

My husband, who has been in the kitchen for nearly 20 years, has taken the same way out as so many other chefs: We now are urban farming, selling at Gordon Square Farmers Market, raising our own chickens, and volunteering tons of time to teach others canning, healthy eating, and how to grow their own food ["Hot in the Kitchen," July 20, 2011]. It is much more rewarding in so many ways — and nice to have a relationship with him too!


Our Foodie Celebration

What a great article. I always wondered what happened to Battuto — it was one of my favorite restaurants. And thanks for the update on Parker Bosley; his restaurant was one of a kind. I'm happy to see that there are continuously new faces entering the scene to build upon our solid culinary foundation. We are so lucky to have such a wealth of talent and fabulous restaurants here in Cleveland.


Breaking Colt

I could care less about Colt McCoy's book: As long as he can play football and get the job done, then that works for me ["Unreal McCoy," July 27, 2011]. If others want to read his book or hire him or his father to speak because they think they know something about something, then Merry Christmas to them.


Licensed to Kill Creativity

I want to know why this pack of bozos at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles can ban FTW as "F*ck the World" but think it's OK for the white panel van that I see around my neighborhood to have the license plate LURES2 ["The Reject Pile," July 27, 2011]. I'm trusting enough to assume the van owner didn't mean to be creepy, but wonder why no BMV hackles were raised.

J-C Derricault

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