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Readers sound off on the Play House


Missing the Old Play House

Perhaps Michael Bloom should leave the publicizing and interviewing to others who are not so outspoken ["Euclid Shuffle: The Play House braces for its move to downtown digs," September 7, 2011].

He does nothing at all positive for the new theater to attract patrons from the old one with his condescending and downright mean-spirited comments. Indeed, Mr. Bloom borders on snobbery when he spouts such choice utterances as: "Oh, okay, the Brooks Theatre was kind of cute, with all the original bricks. But even that was not a great space."

Cute? Bricks? What the?

"Essentially, we're moving from a non-historic building to an historic one."

Huh? Gee, who were all those famous stars I saw over so many years, walking across the stages of the old Cleveland Play House? Oh never mind, the cute bricks were better.

Bloom's nose-in-the-air comments and attitude are not going to bring people to the center of town either. Perhaps he should be invited by the Clinic to take the first swing with the wrecking ball that is inevitably coming to our lovely old historic Cleveland Play House.


More Brutal Realities

Michael Bloom seems quick to turn his back on all the city has done to put a new bus system through his front yard. That twisting, lane-changing, muddled labyrinth that devastated Euclid development for so long was originally put in to tie University Circle to downtown via the museums and Play House along the way. Now the Play House is admitting defeat and pulling up stakes to come back to the shadow of downtown. If they were worried about "brutal economics," they should have relocated next to the proposed casino.

Joe Garrison

The Long Path to Justice

Thank you, Kyle Swenson, for the most thorough summary ever written about Karl Hoerig and the tragedy of his murder ["Dead Run," august 31, 2011]. Your compelling documentary will increase awareness worldwide. You have woven a methodical account, exposing Claudia Hoerig's calculating, cold brutality and the hypocrisy of the Brazilian government that is protecting her. As a result of your article, more and more people have joined, and will continue to join, in the fight for "Justice for Karl Hoerig."

Larry Diemand


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