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Readers sound off on Newt and venting


Turning to a Newt

Newt Gingrich is right about the Occupy protesters, including Occupy Cleveland: "Take a bath and get a job" [Feedback, December 7]. Then, after years of hard work, they can be wealthy, like the people they criticize for being wealthy. Or is that too much work? They often riot, closing ports on the West Coast lately, for no sane reason. Is the Port of Cleveland next?

I'm no communist

Non Sequitur of the Week

I like clevescene because they don't censor anything ... not even bad swears ["License Plate of the Day: '8th OVI,'" at the Scene & Heard blog].

They allow people to vent like my paratrooper dad used to do after the second world war, while drinking an old dutch beer and a shot of smooth as silk Kessler, and telling me at seven years old that General Patton wouldn't make a patch on a good man's ass. Him and his pearl-handled handgun shooting at the enemy planes like a kid in a comic book. And slapping kids who were in the front and couldn't take it.

My dad said Patton was never in the front lines like a soldier and was nothing but another Custer playing with real men's lives and taking the credit for the pain and suffering of war. God Bless my Dad ... 82nd Airborne ... WW2.

Kenny Jaeger

We Screwed One Up

The December 7 story "Christmas Ale Cabal" incorrectly attributed disparaging remarks about Great Lakes Brewing Company and Superior Beverage to the Cedar Lee Pub in Cleveland Heights. The comments shared with a Scene reporter were made solely on behalf of another pub.

"We have a great working relationship with Great Lakes and Superior Beverage, and we're proud to serve their products," says Cedar Lee co-owner and manager Shawn Bosko, who adds that the Christmas Ale will be flowing straight through the holiday season.

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