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Readers sound off on Art McKoy, Lakewood, and more

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The Keepin' It Real McKoy

Art McKoy was the man ["Art McKoy: 'I May Even Go Out With a Bang,'" at the Scene & Heard blog]. It's too bad WTAM kisses Mayor Jackson's ass. Art had a handle on the real issues. His replacement, Councilman Zack Reed, tries to paint a rosy, positive picture of Cleveland. McKoy just discussed the truth and tried to help make it better. He kept it real and connected with the listeners — even the suburbanites.

One thing's for sure about Cleveland: It ain't rosy.

Karl Stalin

Don't Believe the Bio Hype

As a former employee of the biotech industry, I can tell you that there just isn't the critical mass to have a true hub here ["Cleveland NOT a Big Life Sciences Center," at the Scene & Heard blog].

Part of the problem is that the institutions (Case and the Clinic) still don't know how to treat entrepreneurs. The companies that are here are small fish in a tiny pond. I will root for the industry every day, but I'm not sure that the industry itself is served by the overhyping of the companies that are here. It comes back to education, capital, and brain drain.

Michael Garrett Ford

The Problem With Lakewood

The problem with Lakewood and other cities in Cuyahoga County is that there is no accountability for crimes that are occurring ["3-Year-Old Lakewood Kid Shoots Up the House," at the Scene & Heard blog]. This incident is plain and simple: a screw-up by the adult gun owner. But the way cities are going into the dump are the welfare, section 8, and HUD moving into neighborhoods where they don't belong.

Move them into a neighborhood so they can integrate ... not a friggin' chance will they integrate. Where once everyone worked hard to better themselves, we now have these animals wanting everything for free and deteriorating our neighborhoods.



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