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Readers sound off about casino employees' complaints


Betting on Improvement

I work at the Casino. No, tips have not been what we thought they would be, but management has adjusted pay rates to make up for it. ["Job Engine Breakdown," May 30.] Yes, we have had to work some long hours, but we had no experience and had to cover for those who quit under pressure. Yes, we have lost employees, but what new company doesn't?

If those who were unhappy had given management a little time to resolve the problems, they might still be working and happy as I am. Remember that the people who quit left their co-workers in the lurch with no one to cover for them. That is a big part of the long hours.

Yes, we had some questionable guests the first few days, but security is working hard to make sure that they don't return. I love my job and wouldn't want to work anywhere else. My co-workers are great and my managers are always there to help with any problems.

If you're a high energy, upbeat person who enjoys meeting new people, they're still looking for good people.

Trish Chmielewski

Blue Notes

It's a sad state of affairs when the majority of my music radio enjoyment nowadays comes from "93.9 The River" in Windsor, Ontario — a Detroit-area station that thankfully comes into the Cleveland metro most days.

Nathan Obral

Bad Deal

We were not rushed through the [casino] training. We were mislead along the way more than once ... As a part-time dealer, they have never asked my availability. Now, how do you plug in someone who works full time and is only available certain days and times when you do not ask what they are? ... Ten emails to them as of today, still no response. Disappointed in the way things have gone along.


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