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Readers sound off on Best of Cleveland and more


On: "Free Indians Shuttle a Reality for Tremont"

Great, have people go to a place where you can't find a parking space anyway to catch a shuttle to the game. OR maybe this is why we couldn't find a parking space to have dinner Saturday night and had to leave and eat in Lakewood.

Rona Proudfoot

On: "Strongsville Teachers Propose Binding Arbitration"

Sherrod Brown is an empty suit. Tracy Linscott is a 1%-er who does not even support school levies in her own community. The teachers are acting like belligerent bullies. The SEA has lost any and all credibility that they may have had.

Stand strong BOE!


On: "Best of Cleveland; People & Places; Lakewood"

Best suburb: Lakewood. Best schools: Lakewood. People are obviously voting for their local district, which is fine. I don't think anyone in the area really believes Lakewood is the "best" school district.


Did you take into account graduation rates and test scores for best school district? Because that just simply isn't right. There are a handful of other suburban schools which have won more awards, higher test scores, higher graduation rates, ect. Sounds pretty inaccurate.


You both sound kind of stuck up. Lakewood has a DIVERSE student population and not always the economic, parental support that some of the other suburbs with higher test scores and graduations rates. Try thinking about it in terms of the actual kids in the school district and their success rather then just the numbers they put up.

Bee A Clee

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