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We Suck, Again

Northeast Ohio schools bomb in national college rankings.

The US News and World Report college rankings are in -- and things are not looking good for Northeast Ohio's public universities.

The report, which ranks colleges on their "academic merit," decided that our schools had very little. Kent State, the University of Akron, and Cleveland State all fell into the fourth tier of universities -- the lowest ranking a school can receive.

The magazine's ratings are always subject to debate. Those who do well brag up their score to prospective students and their parents. Those who get dogged lament US News' half-baked science.

"The criteria aren't necessarily designed around the things large public universities are providing," David Creamer, vice president for administration, told the Daily Kent Stater. He's apparently referring to running a chronically underfunded college that's supposed to educate students from chronically underfunded K-12 public schools.

As for the other local universities, they just don't want to talk about it, failing to acknowledge Scene's 5,000 requests for comment.

But Kent students contend that their school would be a force, if it were rated on the one issue that really matters. "We'd totally be, like, number one if they ranked us in drinking habits," said one inebriated frat boy last week, before passing out.

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