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Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks

Born to Be Wilder (Blind Pig)



Beneath a broad-brimmed hat and a pair of nerdy-looking specs stands one of the toughest roots rockers of any era. On this scorching live CD — originally part of a DVD set — Wilder loads up on fan favorites like "Human Cannonball," "One Taste of the Bait," and "Poolside." Born to Be Wilder also serves as an excellent intro to Wilder's vast catalog, which he's been steadily working at for more than two decades now. His distinctive baritone and deadpan stage patter guide the way, while the Beatnecks rock with the economy of an old-time country band. Smokin' leads last just long enough, and the three guitarists burn through the songs without any pileups. As Wilder says, "Make yourself at home, have a snow cone, and enjoy the show."

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