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Wedding Bell Booze

Kristen Wiig leads a funny crew of bridesmaids


Even though Bridesmaids tries too hard by piling on the vulgarity to prove it’s not your grandma’s chick flick, this Judd Apatow-produced comedy still has more laughs than many recent movies. Much credit goes to cowriter and star Kristen Wiig, who plays bride-to-be Maya Rudolph’s aggrieved BFF and maid of honor.

After being usurped by rich bitch Rose Byrne during pre-wedding festivities, Wiig’s unlucky-in-love-and-just-about-everything-else Annie doesn’t get mad, she gets even. But typical Apatowian excess almost brings Bridesmaids down. There’s no reason a movie like this has to clock in at more than two hours. And the third act’s incessant wheel-spinning quickly grows as exhausting as most real-life wedding receptions.

But when it’s cooking – which is pretty much everything until then – director Paul Feig and his splendid, frequently shameless cast (including the late Jill Clayburgh as Annie’s mom and Jon Hamm as her unapologetically sleazy fuck buddy) make this funnier than The Hangover. --Milan Paurich

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