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Weird Al Yankovic


With her stint in the Los Angeles County Jail, Paris Hilton may have put Lynwood, California, in the tabloids. But it was another pop culture maverick who put the city next to Compton on the map. Weird Al Yankovic's latest album, Straight Outta Lynwood, pays tribute to his hometown.

Not only does the title reference the gangsta rap of Compton's N.W.A. (which, of course, is the genre Yankovic cribs); it goes hand in hand with "White & Nerdy," the disc's surprise hit single and internet phenomenon. Aided by the nimble dancing of Donny Osmond, the song and video riff on Chamillionaire's rap anthem "Ridin' Dirty" while celebrating Lynwood's white-bread geekery.

"White & Nerdy" rivals Weird Al's all-time greats: "Like a Surgeon" and "Fat." It also gives us hope that Lynwood's finest will continue to rep such a cool place.

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