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Whiskey on a Sunday

(Side One Dummy)


Whiskey on a Sunday isn't a leering, Behind the Music scandal sheet or a candid slice of on-the-road shenanigans. It's a loving portrait that takes the time to delicately shade the personalities of all seven group members, illustrating in the process how they tie together to create rowdy Irish folk-punk.

At the center of it all is fair-skinned singer-guitarist Dave King, who at 18 found a ticket out of the Dublin slums as a singer of Fastway (with ex-Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke). King's circuitous route to success is highlighted, as he discusses the bittersweet circumstances of his life and the songs they inspired, as well as the good fortune that gave birth to Flogging Molly.

The story -- and the funny, human characters who populate it -- are as life-affirming as the music they play. There's plenty of live footage to convey the energy and passion of their performances, but the only complete songs are two offered as bonus features. The accompanying 10-song CD is a pleasant bonus, split nearly evenly between live tracks and acoustic outtakes.

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