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Whole Lotta Love

David Martin wrote music for hjis wife; not it's for you too.


Most guys show their love by making their girlfriends a romantic mix CD. Florida singer-songwriter David Martin wrote a bunch of songs for his wife, recorded them, and put them on an iPod for her. “I just wanted to celebrate our love and tell her how much I appreciated her,” he says. “We make a lot of withdrawals in our marriage. This was a major deposit.” @cal body 1:The songs became Martin’s debut album, Something Your Eyes. The 10 tracks are unabashedly romantic. Songs like “Our Love,” “I Will Love You,” and “To You” are all about the 30-year-old’s undying love for his wife, whom he started dating when both were 15; they got married right after high school. “Every song I write is like 'Here’s my journal -- read it,'” he says. “It comes with the territory, so I wasn’t hesitant about releasing these songs.” Martin isn’t worried about inspiration either. He says he’ll have plenty of material for more albums<\!s>.<\!s>.<\!s>. as long as his wife sticks around. “You write about your life,” he says. “You can’t live in a box and expect something cool to come out. I’ve always written about love. That’s who I am.”
Thu., Feb. 1, 8:30 p.m.

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