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Wish You Were Here

Saturday, January 6, at House of Blues.


Cleveland's own Wish You Were Here might be the greatest of all Pink Floyd tribute bands. It began covering Floyd full time in the mid-'90s, but its roots run even deeper, when bassist and vocalist Eroc Sosinski began performing a 'Pink Floyd Revue' with former guitarist and vocalist Jim Tigue back in 1987. Since then, the show has evolved into a full-fledged Floyd mindfuck, including the props, lighting, and other theatrical elements that made the original band's concerts such a memorable trip. And of course, WYWH captures Floyd's signature sound with -- here comes a joke -- laser-guided accuracy. Then again, there exist hundreds, maybe thousands, of Floyd tribute bands performing such FM-rock classics as Dark Side of the Moon and Animals in their entirety.

What about Floyd's freakier, psychedelic jams from the late '60s? Can WYWH play, say, Piper at the Gates of Dawn or Atom Heart Mother all the way through? "We'll always play at least one Syd Barrett-era song and a few pre-Dark Side tunes," says Sosinski. "It's a balance that seems to work very well, both for us and the audience. And we're always learning new songs to keep it fresh for everyone."

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