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Yes, with Dream Theater

Tuesday, August 24, at Blossom.


Yes is on its 35th anniversary tour, but the smart money says it won't be playing anything released after its 10th anniversary, at best. And cries of "'Owner of a Lonely Heart'!" from the lawn will be few and far between. Yes fans want a disciplined oldies show, and that's what they get.

The group's back catalog has recently been re-reissued on fantastic-sounding CDs, with enough bonus tracks to fill a small boxed set by themselves. Ironically, these extras serve only to prove how concise the albums actually were. Prog rock has a reputation for endless, contextless, wanky solos, but Yes always had a much stronger sense of group interplay than, say, Mahavishnu Orchestra. Each member of Yes contributed to a greater whole. On Close to the Edge and the wildly underrated Relayer, in particular, you can really hear them listening to each other as they whip the machine forward.

Dream Theater's pompous, bludgeoning style of prog-almost-metal will whet folks' appetite for the feast to follow. Of course, no one with functioning ears or brain can withstand more than 40 minutes of them, so an opening slot is almost as good as not hearing them at all would be.

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