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You Can Stop Believin' Now

Concert movie is nothing to Gleek out about



Glee fans rejoice! Your 3D concert experience has arrived! Everyone else can carry on with their lives, since there’s not much to see here.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is put together in a highly polished package with some “behind-the-scenes” footage (with all actors still in character) and about how Glee makes life better for three people.

Gleeks will feel at home right away with familiar songs by Journey and My Chemical Romance. In fact, all your favorites are here, but some of the songs are total clunkers. Puck’s country-rock take on “Fat Bottomed Girls” is fairly atrocious, even by Glee standards. And Brittney’s deep voice doesn't fit her take on “I'm a Slave 4 U.”

The movie's 3D is no more than a gimmick, poorly implemented and unnecessary. The only benefit of seeing Glee in theaters is for a more concert-like experience, assuming the theater is packed. --Ben Gifford

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