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Your Number's Up

Another romantic comedy gets hung up on itself



What's Your Number? has all the requisites of a modern romantic comedy: giggly girls planning a wedding, a womanizing bad boy poised for reform, copious drinking and vulgarity, and a retrograde message that relationships are all that matter in a woman’s life.

After losing her job, Ally (Anna Faris) reads in a magazine that women who have had more than 20 sex partners are doomed to spinsterhood. So with 19 notches on her un-chastity belt, she decides to stop sleeping around and, rather than look for work, revisit former flames, one of whom may be “the one.” She enlists her promiscuous neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) in tracking down a handful of exes: a newly slimmed fatty, a closeted gay politician, a nerdy puppeteer, and a dashing millionaire.

The leads are likable and the story has some delightfully funny lines, but What's Your Number? never fully explores the possibilities of the old-boyfriends premise. Instead it marches inexorably toward a customary lavish wedding and the inevitable resolution of True Love Prevails. --Pamela Zoslov

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