Your Week, Planned: The Only Calendar You'll Never Have to Flip 

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OF 8
Photo via Cleveland Scene Archives
Probably the best way to kickstart the week is by shaking your ass uncontrollably at B-Side's bitchin' Sunday night electronic shows. DJ Eso and Corey Grand join forces to spin anything and everything: funk, soul, hip-hop, trap, drum and bass, and all sorts of similarly ill shit. Grand's cred speaks for itself: "Sucka Free Since '88." And that same sentiment goes for the Sunday night throwdown as a whole. Work your way across Coventry all weekend and wrap up the party down at B-Side.
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The Music Hall at Brothers Lounge, already hallowed environs, takes on even more illustrative ones when the big band stylings of Mojo Big Band take the stage. The 17-piece band capably takes listeners and dancers - yes, most importantly dancers - back in time with the wistful melodies of top-notch performers like Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Listen, popular music back then was just better than its 2014 counterparts. You can dig into the cream of the crop on Monday nights at the hippest club on the westside. And if you fancy something a little more laid-back, stroll through the archway toward Brothers' fantastic wine bar. Velvet Voyage posts up weekly for jazzy excursions through sound. Both shows start at 8 p.m.
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Reddstone, Chucklefck's Tuesday night hideout, is one of Cleveland's terrific little incubators of humor. "It's been cool to see that kinda develop and congeal over the years," Chuckfck MC Ramon Rivas told Scene in 2013. The open-mic celebration of local comedy has gathered fans across the region in recent years. And each week, the room gets packed. Some nights less so, but often enough the sessions at Reddstone attract hordes thirsty for the type of interaction that only a comedian can provide. "There's a young nucleus of people who are all at the open mics," Rivas said. "You need those rooms to be able to go and develop that new stuff." Reddstone and the Chucklefck following take care of that with deft skill.
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There aren't too many places these days where you can sidle up to the bar and check out unrelentingly good live music—with no cover charge to speak of. But that's just the surface-level description of the goods dished up each Wednesday night at Parkview Nite Club, which perches high above the West Shoreway on a grassy plot. Within, the Bad Boys of Blues set up shop, invite special guests onstage, and rip into the hottest set of real, authentic blues music you've ever heard. Guitarist Michael Bay, bassist Michael Barrick and drummer Jim Wall are not only among the most talented in the local scene, they also happen to be unbelievably nice guys. Hang out for a bit, talk shop with the musicians and tip your server well! Hell, bring your ax sometime and join the fun. The jam runs all night (and the whole thing kicks off at 10 p.m.).
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Tucked in and among the pointed homes of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, Tina's Nite Club is about as unassuming a joint as you could possibly imagine. Inside, a well worn billiards table anchors a room accented in tinted lights. In one corner, on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Little Lou holds court behind his stereo rig and vast CD collection. Scene profiled Little Lou and his musical life last summer, and his credentials still stand. Billy Wayne reps karaoke every other night at the bar, making Tina's a can't-miss destination for belting out Journey tunes.
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One of the greatest parties in the city goes down in one of the coolest rooms in the city on the first Friday of each month. From 5 to 9 p.m., the Atrium at the Cleveland Museum of Art transforms into an engaging festival of colors and sounds and good eats. Normally a quiet, contemplative sanctuary, the Atrium opened in the fall of 2012. It's a vast space that welcomes visitors by day—offering a complementary respite from the museum's archives elsewhere—and reels in revelers monthly for the much-loved MIX at CMA events.
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If you're the kind of cat who's trying to get down in "da club," Cleveland's not the choicest of towns for you. But that doesn't stop the few legitimate nightclubs we have from going all out and giving you what you need. Saturday nights at Drop Bar feature DJ Kosher Kuts, who spins danceable tracks all freakin' night long. He packs 'em in good when he takes to the tables; the dance floor at Drop Bar becomes one massive organism on Saturday nights.