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Yummy Monday

Cheap eats make the beginning of the week less sucky.


Pickwick & Frolic helps customers ease into their week with a discounted menu at Monday Sucks! So Lunch Is Five Bucks! "Typically, Mondays are our slowest days," says spokesman John Lorince. "The idea is to create a special menu that's affordable and quick at lunchtime. Hopefully, people will be lured by the price." Ten offerings range from oven-fired meatloaf sandwiches and pulled-pork-and-cheddar wraps to tuna melts and three different kinds of pizza. Alas, drinks aren't included. Still, says Lorince, the restaurant's 185 seats fill up fast. "The whole idea has been catching. I'm amazed at how many people show up."
Mondays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 2006

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