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With Tally Hall and 2nd Half. Thursday, December 7, at Peabody's.


Jumping on the white-boy-does-reggae bandwagon, Zox guarantees to get the girls of Delta Gamma grooving to Sublime-reminiscent songs like "Thirsty." Or better yet, they just might find themselves singing along to the sweet introspections of singer Eli Miller.

But seriously, folks, Zox's second album, The Wait, covers a lot of ground. Just when soft violin serenades and the guitar's hypnotic upstrokes lull the listener into a Jamaican trance, drummer John Zox turns up the heat, transforming his group into a raging Dave Matthews Band. Then again, this band is just so universal. It doesn't matter what sorority a chick is from; if you take her to a Zox show, she'll surely fall in love with them -- and not you.

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