5-22: Cleveland Pops Orchestra



8f84/1242764067-lincoln-reenactor.jpgJames Getty has portrayed Abraham Lincoln since 1978, his career arguably reaching its zenith in 1991, when he starred as the 16th president in a made-for-TV movie about two mostly submerged Civil War-era warships. Getty joins the Cleveland Pops Orchestra tonight for its annual salute to the armed forces. It also happens to be the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. Getty, in character as Honest Abe, will address the audience and narrate Aaron Copland’s “A Lincoln Portrait.” Also on the program: Saxton’s Cornet Band, a recreation of a real pre-Civil War cornet combo that thrived until the early 20th century. Members dress and act the part of antebellum characters, which they’ve also played in period movies. George W. Bush even likes them. The Mutual Gifts Gospel Choir rounds out the sound. Showtime is 8 p.m. at Severance Hall (11001 Euclid Ave., 216.231.1111). Tickets: $28-$72. — Michael Gill

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