5-23: Sightings



5810/1242766019-sightings.jpgThe NYC-based trio Sightings makes rock music that comes off like a cross between construction-site noise pollution and the sound of one museum-sized machine ingesting another, scrap by rusted scrap. What’s astounding is how singer-guitarist Mark Morgan, bassist Richard Hoffman and drummer Jon Lockie consistently (from 2002’s Michigan Haters to 2007’s Through the Panama) present the concept of harmony as a crush of jumbled, deranged sounds that’s almost impossible to distinguish. Rhythms that suggest vintage industrial-rock grind crudely into noisy screeches and skeletal, creaky no-wave. It’s been a long year and a half since Panama dropped. Until recently, when some live dates began popping up, Sightings have been seemingly dormant, caught up in day jobs and side projects. With any luck, they spent some of their hiatus whipping up some new and insane noise jams. Fragments, Puffy Areolas, Robert Turman and Sun Watcher open at 9 p.m. at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576). — Ray Cummings

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