6/6: Japanther at Now That's Class



Given the underground success of noise-pop-punk outfits like No Age, Wavves and Times New Viking, the dudes in Japanther must be kicking themselves for striking a few years before the iron was hot. The duo of drummer-singer Ian Vanek and bassist-singer-keyboardist Matt Reilly have been doling out static-sugar fuzzbombs — relentless bursts of snarl-tone that refuse to take life, death or anything in between too seriously — at a rapid clip since 2001. But despite constant touring and avalanches of bubblegum-sticky harmonies and hooks, Japanther have never quite accrued the fame their descendants enjoy. Maybe the scene just wasn’t ready for their Ramones-on-quaaludes blasts back in the day. Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt, the band’s horribly titled latest album, offers more of the cartoon-like, discombobulated same-as-it-ever-was — thankfully. Japanther open for the Dillinger Four at 9 p.m. at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576). — Ray Cummings


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