6/6: Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team at the Beachland



These straight-up rock ’n’ rollers throw a nonstop party that’s loud and filled with double entendres. Their songs are as sweet as the maple syrup on an All-Star Special at Waffle House after a night of drinking Thunderbird. The group is on a series of “long weekend” mini-tours in support of its new album, National Champions, which includes the OAK Team’s trademark bar rockers and the unexpectedly sweet “Feel Right Now.” The record also features an extremely catchy, orchestrated tune about an abused and rejected man (“Had Me at Get Lost”). Although Anderson is the most recognizable member of the group, Dave Bartholomew, Jack Cornell and Greg Rice make the “roll out of bed, plug in, turn it up, whoop it up and rock out” band four times as much fun. They dramatically take the stage to the theme music from the Olympics. But why the name? “It just popped in my head one day, and I thought it was really stupid,” explains Anderson. “I didn’t use it until I found the right guys to fit it. I was waiting for some ass kickers.” The OAK Team like playing Ohio and Cleveland in particular, says Anderson, because Ohioans “still get our kind of rock ’n’ roll, and that’s not true just everywhere.” The 609ers and Colin Gawel open at 9 p.m. at the Beachland Tavern (15711 Waterloo Rd., 216.383.1124). Tickets: $8 advance, $10 day of show. — Samantha Fryberger


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