6/16: Ume at Now That's Class



If you ever wondered what would happen if you combine a pop singer with an angular indie-rock band, look no further than Ume. The Austin trio fire off jagged, serpentine riffs and spliced rhythms like they dated Sonic Youth before they fell in love with math-rock. What saves the band is singer and guitarist Lauren Larson, whose gentle hums and impassioned yelps bring a bright gleam and warm accessibility to Ume’s otherwise gritty post-punk. “The Conductor,” from their Sunshower EP, shows off this dynamic: Starting off with a dark and prickly guitar lead, the song moves into eerie pop territory as soon as Larson’s voice kicks in. Not since Pretty Girls Make Graves has a band so rightly earned the tag “post-punk-pop.” Thunders, Freedom and Kid Tested open at 9 pm at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576, myspace.com/nowthatsclass). — Matt Whelihan


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