7/3: Zappa Plays Zappa at HOB



Frank Zappa could have lived to be 150 and still not have realized all the music careening around in that genius brain of his. To lose him at 52, when he may have just begun to understand where his music was leading, was a profound tragedy. All we can do now is look back at what was. And who better to guide that astonishing trip than Zappa’s son Dweezil? When Dweezil launched the first Zappa Plays Zappa tour in 2006, he’d already undertaken extensive steps to relearn his guitar methodology so he could faithfully replicate his father’s singular style. For that tour and the subsequent 2007 road trip, Dweezil programmed an almost unbelievably complex and satisfying set list of some of Frank’s most challenging work and exquisitely executed it with a rotating cast of players that the old man himself would have been proud of. After a year off — presumably for a battery recharge and oil change — Dweezil and company are back with an even more demanding and soul-stirring cross-section of his father’s towering catalog. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. at House of Blues (308 Euclid Ave., 216.523.2583). Tickets: $29.50-$79.50. — Brian Baker


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