7/26: The Chinese Stars at Now That's Class



While many bands make noise more palatable by blending it with pop, the Chinese Stars use post-punk’s sensual swagger to get to a similar place. The Rhode Island quartet craft jagged, belching hooks that sound like robots locked in nasty verbal arguments, but they manage to do it with smooth, hip-shaking beats and bass lines made for a night out. Rising from the ashes of Arab on Radar in 2002, the Chinese Stars cut out the bludgeoning breakdowns and replaced them with some gritty disco convulsions. Add some beefy synths, sultry vocals and just a tad of chaos, and you’ve got a band that mad scientists can dance to. Tinsel Teeth, Flat Can Co. and Pimlo open at 9 p.m. at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576). Tickets: $5. — Matt Whelihan


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