8/12: Maia Sharp at Nighttown



On Maia Sharp’s fourth album, Echo, producer Don Was and legendary drummer Jim Keltner add a crisp vivacity to the singer-songwriter’s canvas. While past albums have showcased Sharp’s lyrical flair and indomitable spirit, the records’ production — particularly on 1997’s jazzy debut, Hardly Glamour, and 2002’s self-titled lite-rock follow-up — tended to over-gloss and underplay her talents. While 2005’s Fine Upstanding Citizen got closer, Echo is the first to consistently abet Sharp’s keen writing with arrangements vigorous enough to keep up. From the peppy folk-rock “You Are Mine” to the brash, rebellious “Polite Society” and the slinky, cocktail strut of “Unbreakable,” it maintains its momentum across a dozen tracks united by self-accepting, carpe diem sentiments. Sharp performs at 7 p.m. at Nighttown (12387 Cedar Rd., 216.795.0550). Tickets: $15. — Chris Parker


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