8/16: The Beach Boys at Cain Park



Bitch all you want about the Beach Boys who have toured the nostalgia circuit for the past quarter-century not being worthy to hold Brian Wilson’s spittle cup. Truth is, the Beach Boys you see in concert have always been different than the Beach Boys you hear on record. Even during their peak years, when Wilson was losing his mind putting together Pet Sounds in the studio with a bunch of seasoned pros, he sent his brothers, cousin and pal on the road to sing “Surfing U.S.A.” without him. So go ahead and whine that “Kokomo” is a piece of crap compared to “God Only Knows.” Or that Mike Love (the only original member of the Beach Boys who still performs onstage) is a major douchebag. The 2009 Beach Boys aren’t for you, Rock Snobs. They’re for oldies-radio buffs who’d rather hear Jan and Dean’s “Surf City” than Smile. And they’re playing Cain Park’s Evans Amphitheater (14591 Superior Rd., Cleveland Hts., 216.371.3000) at 7 p.m. Tickets: $30-$55. — Michael Gallucci


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