8/16: The Entrance Band at Peabody's


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“The power of three” was established long before those Charmed sirens cast their spells. From Elvis, Scotty and Bill to the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Dinosaur Jr., the concept of the rockin’ threesome has connotations of unfettered potency, passion and turning up to that mythical 11. While the guys in the Entrance Band look like throwbacks to the daze of Blue Cheer and Grand Funk with their long hair, bare feet and headbands (!), they aren’t tied to any specific era. Guy Blakeslee’s blues-echoed singing and savage guitar, Paz Lenchantin’s atom-heart-mother throb bass and drummer Derek James’ frenzied thrash reflects aspects of the past while not limited by them. They always push forward, as they prove on their new self-titled debut. The Entrance Band open for Nebula and Forged in Flame at 7 p.m. at Peabody’s (2045 E. 21st St., 216.776.9999). Tickets: $10. — Mark Keresman



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