10/1: Are We There Yet? at Actors Summit



Actors’ Summit’s artistic director Neil Thackaberry takes the first Ohio crack at a musical he says is “like I Love, You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, but the focus is on family life instead of dating.” It features four actors in a series of musical sketches connected not by plot, but by the unbreakable bond of family. The opener includes a mother and father in the front seat of a car with the kids in back. The closer bookends the situation with the grown-up children in the front, driving their parents to a retirement home. In between there’s a baby who raps about wearing diapers and being passed around at parties. Are We There Yet? opens in preview at 8 tonight with performances through Oct. 18 at Actors Summit Theatre (86 Owen Brown St. Hudson, 330.342.0800). Tickets: $16-$29. — Michael Gill

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