10/2: Hellmouth at Now That's Class



Heavy music typically comes with an overbearing amount of gloom. Nihilistic worldviews, violent narratives and grim, tough-as-nails personae pervade the aggressive end of the music spectrum. Fortunately, there have always been a handful of bands that offer a reprieve from the drudgery with either humor or hard-partying aesthetic. Michigan’s Hellmouth blend hardcore and metal with bits of Southern rock and grind to form a weighty, bludgeoning sound. Yet the four guys behind all this noise aren’t morose and crusty curmudgeons; they’re thrill-seekers with wry smiles. “Drop Out and Destroy” musically represents the middle ground between Disfear and Every Time I Die — the song’s lyrics are a laundry list of middle-finger targets delivered with rabid glee. Being pissed off never sounded like such a good time. Sea Skulls, TV Crimes, Hockey Fight and Wreak Havoc open at 9 p.m. at Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576). — Matt Whelihan

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