10/8: The Alice Seed at CPT



Cleveland playwright Michael Sepesy’s The Alice Seed tells the story of a little girl who died of cancer. A year later, her mother sees the girl’s ghost, who leads her to a field where she meets Charon, ferryman to the underworld. He gives her a seed, which sprouts something that looks a lot like Alice. “Then she and her husband have to deal with this thing, which seems to be her daughter,” says Sepesy. Alice’s mother is sure the growth is their daughter; her dad isn’t so sure. Alice eventually tears the couple apart, only to reunite them in a truly macabre scene. “I started out trying to adapt Hamlet as a political play about toxic waste,” says Sepesy. But he ended up cobbling together ideas from Hamlet, Jason and the Argonauts and other stories into something totally original. Alison Garrigan directs the world premiere, which kicks off with preview performances at 7:30 p.m. tonight and tomorrow. It runs through October 24 at Cleveland Public Theatre (6415 Detroit Ave., 216.631.2727). Tickets: $10-$21. — Michael Gill

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