10/17: Paranormal Writers of Ohio



We assume that by “Paranormal Writers of Ohio,” the Parmatown Mall Borders (7793 West Ridgewood Dr., Parma, 440.845.5911) means “Writers of Books on the Paranormal.” Then again, Mary Ann Winkowski, inspiration for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character in Ghost Whisperer, will be there, so who knows. Also expected are John Kachuba, Casey Daniels, S.A. Swann, Vicki Blum Vigil and Charles Cassady Jr., whose Paranormal Great Lakes: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, is excerpted here:

“KALIYUGA — A 280-foot wooden freighter, built by the Simon Langell shipyard in St. Clair, Michigan, in 1887 and soon purchased by the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company. Omens of a grim fate awaiting her are said to date to August, 1897. While the ship was engulfed in a thick fog on Lake Huron, miles from shore, crewmen claim to have heard something like howling or a dog barking and growling on board — though the ship carried no such mascot. An even weirder story puts the Kaliyuga again fogbound on Lake Superior two years later. Supposedly a deckhand saw an exact double of the ship running alongside, just 30 feet away — complete with an ominous duplicate of himself, who answered the man’s hails by holding up a cardboard sign on which was written "GET OFF THE SHIP." When the Kaliyuga reached her destination, the port of Detroit, the deckhand fled. In late October 1905, the Kaliyuga left Marquette, Michigan, with a load of ore for Cleveland. She ran into a storm and sank with no survivors, bodies and debris from the pilothouse floating.”

The event runs from noon to 4 p.m. — Frank Lewis

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