11/20: New shows at William Busta Gallery



Douglas Sanderson’s man-sized geometric paintings are a funhouse for the eyes. The interwoven matrices of visually dissonant color are jarring, despite their symmetry and balance. Patterns resemble lace or chicken wire in colors that will burn into your memory if you stare at them long enough (try closing your eyes or looking away after looking at them; you’ll still see the patterns). They’re purely abstract, except that each includes a central figure that looks like a Celtic knot — a human spine tying it all together. That’s the only connection between his work and a new series by painter (and Scene art critic) Douglas Max Utter, whose series of monoprints augmented with paint riffs on yoga poses that explore “twisting and turning into the substance of the world.” Both shows open with a reception from 5-9 p.m. at William Busta Gallery (2731 Prospect Ave., 216.298.9071). They run through January 2. Admission is free. — Michael Gill

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