12/7: The Queers at Peabody's



For a cultural landscape literally awash with misapplications of the term “irony,” a band like the Queers is a godsend. Of course, the irony involved in such a ridiculously uncouth and amiably homophobic band latching on, at least by nomenclature, to the queercore movement (alongside bands like former labelmates the Pansies) becomes almost laughably obvious as soon as you listen to the over-the-top juvenilia of this jubilantly idiotic group. It’s a good thing for the Queers that nobody ever took their “message” seriously, because their penchant for songs about tits and frequent application of politically incorrect gay jokes could easily have marginalized the band even more than is inevitable for a bare-bones punk outfit that sings about farts. To strip the band of those rough edges, worn smoother by the simple virtue of simplicity, would be to remove an essential element of the Queers’ being. They were born with a desire to embrace the brash, spittle and ignorance fuel of bored youth, and in that they succeed wildly, even 27 years on. The Leftovers, Hostile Omish and Cypher open at 7 p.m. at Peabody’s (2045 E. 21st. St., 216.776.9999). Tickets: $10 advance, $12 day of show. — Nicholas Hall

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