1/22: Fragmentation: Seed, Spore and Poplyp at Rupnik Gallery



If an artist tells you he uses “found objects” in his work, it usually means he discovered some unusual things and the resulting piece will show off the items. For Jonah Jacobs, “found objects” means raw materials. “Generally, I use waste materials and household items to create organic-looking structures,” he says. “In one large piece, which resembles a coral reef, I used various types of tubes — toilet tubes, paper-towel tubes, etc. — along with acrylic paint, clothing dye, salt, oatmeal, fabric-softener sheets, cotton swabs and various types of yarn.” Jacobs also incorporates Styrofoam, plaster, string, old bootlaces, discarded fabric and lollipop sticks. “You name it, I use it,” he says. “I like to take basic shapes and repeat them until they make complex structures.” His solo show, Fragmentation: Seed, Spore and Poplyp, opens with a reception from 7-10 p.m. and hangs through February 14 at William Rupnik Gallery (1667 E. 40th St., Unit 1A, 216.535.5575). Admission is free. — Michael Gill

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