1/23: Bill Burke at The Wincester



Erie-based Bill Burke isn’t your usual guitar player. For starters, he does his thing on an eight-string guitar, which is played like a piano, with the left hand hitting the bass notes as the right picks at the treble strings. Although he’s mostly known as a jazz artist, Burke draws inspiration from progressive rock musicians like Steve Howe or Michael Hedges, but with a stronger classical influence than most of his peers. He uses loops to create sonic textures, like on “If A Is B,” which includes a repeated pattern that allows room for improvisation. “The Subway: On the Platform-Brooklyn” has a more experimental atmosphere, with many extraneous sounds and effects. The best thing about catching Burke live is seeing him run his hands up and down the neck as he creates some monster grooves. Burke performs at 9 p.m. at the Winchester (12112 Madison Ave., 216.226.5681). Tickets: $10. — Ernest Barteldes

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